First of all, although there are some negative impacts of technological development, more of them are positive, including the improvement of productivity, working environment and living standard, etc. It can be said that the current technological progress is constantly improving people’s life, working and learning experience, and also creating great value. 

Among the many changes brought about by technology, from an individual perspective, one of the most important manifestations is the change in the way of thinking, which simply means that the development of technology has changed the way people deal with various social affairs, and the change in the way of thinking is also driving the further development of technology, so technological development is inevitably a road of no return. 

From the entrepreneur’s point of view, technology is a road to nowhere. For example, in the industrialised era, entrepreneurs will establish factory thinking and product thinking, in the Internet era, entrepreneurs need to establish Internet thinking and digital resource integration thinking, while in the era of big data and intelligence, entrepreneurs need to establish big data thinking and intelligent thinking. From this perspective, technological development is an important reason for driving changes in thinking styles. Elcomp is an example company that provides patlite product categroy by integrating new technologies. 

From the perspective of the workplace, technological development has also brought about three basic manifestations: the first is the decrease in labour intensity; the second is the increase in workability, and the third is the decrease in work difficulty. Therefore, in order to fully enjoy the dividends brought about by technological development, workplace people must actively embrace new technologies and master new skills, so as to more smoothly promote their own job upgrading. 

From the perspective of students, the development of technology will open up more learning channels, but also with the help of technological development to enhance the learning experience, and the education sector is currently one of the first scenarios in which artificial intelligence products can be implemented.

However, It is the constant development of technology that is causing us and our planet, our environment, so much harm. The growing age of the internet has taken a huge toll on young people. With the constant renewal of the automobile age, the blue sky is now irreparably damaged. More and more private cars are now polluting the atmosphere. One can often see clouds of white smoke spewing from the exhaust pipes behind small cars, and diesel cars and motorbikes are still billowing black smoke and carrying an unpleasant smell, which is compounded by the noise of horns and cylinders vibrations.

As mankind has entered the 21st century, how many amazing changes have taken place in the world. While people have rejoiced at the rapid advances in science and technology, they have experienced better unease and even disaster. In addition to the fears caused by the development of high technology, especially biotechnology, war and disease seem to have taken mankind straight to the gates of hell.

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