At this day and age, fewer and fewer people are using wrist watches to check the time. We are now more reliant on our smartphones and tablets. While made for a specific aspect, men’s watches are now regarded as a statement piece and status symbol for any type of outfit.

Timepieces are now considered as a luxury pieces.

Are you thinking of getting a new wrist watch? There are a lot of men’s watches in Malaysia, so
it’s normal for watch shopping to be overwhelming and stressful. But, no matter what your profession or hobby is, there is a watch for you.

1. A smart watch for the pointdexter

The smart watch is one of the newest innovations in the watch industry. This type of watch is so far from the traditional wrist watch, but it comes with a range of features that you can find useful in your day-to-day routine. Clearly, it does so much more than tell time. It is designed to be an extension of one’s mobile phone.

If you are always on the go, and would enjoy having a hands-free device while driving, splurge on a high-quality gizmo.

2. A steel watch for the businessman

If you want to be respected in your field and in the corporate setting, get a classy steel watch.

You can boss the conference room with a sophisticated stainless-steel watch that shines luminously with your business suit. Do you know that steel watches are icons of economic successes? It represents industry, stability and strength.

3. A designer watch for the stylist

Moving to the trendier aspect of the watch designs, add some flair in any outfit by wearing a
designer watch with a leather strap. If you love social gatherings, such as parties and other celebrations, don’t hesitate to buy one. From formal events to smart casual occasions, this timepiece would give you an impeccable vibe.

4. A sports watch for the explorer

Do you love the outdoors? If you love sports activities, there is no doubt that the sports watch is the number one timepiece you must have. Distance yourself from the traditional vibe, and make the most out of this type of watch. It’s time to trade the traditional dial for a trendy digital face.

Developed for tough physical activities, it features quality synthetic materials, and is the perfect
companion for an adventurer.