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If you are an avid internet user, you must know the speed that you need for your own need. There is a specific speed that you will require for your activity. It all depends on what you are doing, for instance, live streaming or simply just replying to emails. There are significant differences when it comes to the speed that is needed for different kinds of activities. If you subscribe to a unifi package, you will be informed about this matter beforehand. You will know what is the perfect internet speed that you will be needing for your daily activities in this post. 

Fast Internet Definition

You probably have heard of this term before but don’t really understand what it offers and the benefits of it. Technically, the internet consists of at least 20 Mbps upload and 200 Mbps for download can be considered fast internet or also known as high-speed internet. Depending on your needs, the speed can vary from 200 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. It is very crucial for you to get the best internet plan that would suit your daily internet usage. If you are a gamer, you will need a specific speed for live streaming, online gaming and many more. 

The Best Speed for Daily Activity

Again, depending on your needs, you will need different speeds for each activity. These are the speeds that would be required for some of our daily activities:

  • Music Streaming, e-mails and Search Engine Usage

These are the basic usage of the internet and would usually require 0-5 Mbps. For those who are working and students especially, they would usually have to check their emails all the time in case there’s something important that they have to handle such as an event. 

  • Video Calls

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You will need at least 5-40 Mbps for video calls. To have a clearer connection, you should have more than those so that the connection won’t be laggy and cut off while you are talking. 

  • Video Streaming

With 40-100 Mbps, you can stream HD videos and download any large-sized documents. In case you couldn’t have enough of only HD, at 100- 500 Mbps, you’ll be able to enjoy UHD videos and play multiplayer games without having to worry about the connection being interrupted. 

How to Know Your Current Internet Speed?

Have difficulties got your work done due to the slow and laggy internet? It’s time for you to check your internet speed. If you want to do so, there are a few sites that offer you to test your internet speed. Most of them would display your ping time and your upload and download speed, which is very crucial in ensuring that your internet speed is doing fine. 

What to Do If Your Internet is Too Slow?

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The answer to this question is on you. You can either switch to another plan or get someone that is qualified to inspect the problem. Most of the time, we would get a professional to our houses first to determine the problem. If the matter cannot be resolved, it is time for you to switch to unifi package.