In today’s information age, we are inundated with all kinds of information coming at us every day, not only from work but also from life. If this information or knowledge is not internalised, even if we have read it, it will still be forgotten two days later, and the time spent will amount to waste, and we will still get nothing out of it.

You can read methodological articles during my commute, for example, how to be more productive, how to be a leveraged youth, how to read efficiently, etc. In the workplace, we also learn new knowledge and skills every day, but whether what we learn is actually fully understood and digested is another matter. 

Most importantly, 1) Be sure to think more. Not only do you have to think while you read, but you also have to put down in your mind the ideas presented in the article after you have finished reading, and be good at summarising and generalising them in your own context.  2) Try to put the knowledge into practice. Apply these methodologies with a full understanding and use practical experience to test whether they really work for you. 3) Try to export what you have learned and thought about. If you can speak logically and clearly in your own words about what you have learned or what you have thought, you have really understood it. Going to discuss an idea with a friend can also deepen your own knowledge and understanding.

In today’s increasingly diverse world, a single skill set is no longer sufficient for the ever-changing world. We should learn another skill in addition to our profession and our job. For example, learning a language, marketing knowledge, SEO, etc. 

It is important to set reasonable goals and everyone’s focus will be different at each stage of life. As a student, your goal is to study well, get into a good middle school, high school, get into a good school, get a scholarship, study abroad and get into a big company.

When you enter the workplace, your goal may become to get a promotion and a pay rise and to get better and better at what you do. In order to achieve these big goals, we need to set some small goals. The existence of these goals will give you the desire to achieve them and to put action and effort into them. The most important thing is to set goals that are relevant to your own situation. Goals that are too big are not easy to achieve and can easily lead to a weakening of self-confidence and an increase in frustration. It is also important not to have too many goals, as we have limited energy and precious free time, so it is difficult to achieve everything and don’t forget to have fun after you have just studied for a long time, go and check out mega888 apk for further information


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