1. Set your goals and objectives.

Your social media goals work hand in hand with your social media objects. They are similar, but not exactly the same. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are managing. Knowing your business’ objectives can make a huge difference on your strategy.

2. Set your SMART social media goals.

In order to achieve your social media goals, you need to follow a specific framework. Are you familiar with the SMART goal-setting method? If not yet, feel free to hire a social media consultant in Malaysia, or wherever you are in the world. This person must be able to help you follow this proven framework without any problem.

Specific – Your goal must be well-defined and clear.
Measurable – Measure and monitor your goal.
Achievable – Check if your goal is too far-fetched, or easy to achieve.
Realistic – The goal should be realistic and practical, depending on the resources that you have.
Time Sensitive – Your goal must have a clear time frame.

3. Implement a comprehensive social media audit.

Establish all your baseline targets. If you fail to do this, your social media marketing plan would prove to be ineffective and weak. Through the implementation of a social media audit, you will get to determine your baseline targets, and at the same time ensure that every goal is laser-targeted.

4. Set social media OKRs.

OKR is short for “Objectives and Key Results.” This adds further depth to all your goals. These are individual objectives focusing on the key results.

5. Create a social media content strategy.

To meet all of your social media goals, it’s crucial to impress your Facebook fans and Instagram followers. Give them the content that they want. Of course, if your posts are not useful and helpful to them, you wouldn’t get the type of traction you need.