A report by ‘We Are Social’ has revealed that there are now more than 5 billion smartphone users all over the world. What does this mean? It means that 2 out of 3 people all over the world are using a smartphone that is capable enough of running multiple applications. That being said, the mobile app development space is not something that will sizzle and will downright fizzle. Even though the market is indeed saturated, mobile app developers can find a way to ensure that their applications are still going to be trending, at least, for the immediate future.

The industry is expected to make $189 billion in global revenue by the year 2020, which just tells you that this market is not going anywhere any time soon. That being said, you should know some app development trends that will shape things up in 2019.


When people buy something, you can expect that they are going to contact you if there are any problems with what they’ve purchased. Or perhaps, some of them would just want to ask questions before they will make their purchasing decision.
Whatever the case is, hiring new staff personnel to cover for this need is actually quite expensive on the part of the business owner, which is why companies are looking into integrating chatbots into their systems.

Chatbots are essentially AI-powered systems that help automate certain processes or tasks that can easily be done by a machine without ever having to hire a human person to do it. For instance, if people were to ask a question regarding some of your products in the catalog, then these chatbots will be able to give them the information that they need.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are actually powered by artificial intelligence, but the latter is not only limited to that. The technology can also be used as a means to provide a more personal service towards the consumers. That aspect of AI is known as machine learning. This can be quite evident when using apps like Youtube and Netflix, where you are given content suggestions based on the things that you watch on a regular basis.

Wearable Devices

Since the advent of the Apple Watch, more and more companies are sinking their financials into developing their own iteration of the thing. Furthermore, app development companies are now making applications that will further the development and enhance the current feature set of such devices- making sure that everything will be okay for the end-user.

Mobile Wallets

We are now shifting towards a future where we no longer need to bring our physical wallets with us whenever we go out there. With the use of our smartphones, we can download an application that will pave the way for electronic payments. These apps are known as ‘mobile wallets’ and it is essentially a digital wallet that you can use to pay for the things that you purchase anywhere you go. So long as the establishment or firm supports it, you are most likely going to use this medium rather than paying using physical money.