A light tower is a portable piece of machinery that has one or more high-intensity electrical lamps and an antenna. The lights are almost always mounted to the antenna as it is connected to a trailer, with a generator installed to power the lamps. The purpose of having a light tower is most to provide an immense amount of lights for visibility. While most are aware that light towers are commonly used for construction sites, there are other perks and use of having tower lights around you. 

This article will give you a clear summarization of what tower lights can be used for and on what occasion. 

Concerts and Events

Ever been to concerts and you see these big lights glaring down at you, illuminating the singers as they keep on performing through the night? If you have, then it means that you have encountered a tower light before. 

Tower light is widely welcomed to a lot of parties and concerts, especially those that likes to perform at night. While the darkness does add a bit of mysteriousness when the singer and band perform, light is important in giving visibility to the attendants of the concert. Being surrounded by thousands of faceless people may bring you fear; hence, by having a bit of light in the venue, it will help you to feel more secure of your surroundings.

Sports Matches

Most stadiums for sports, raging from football to baseball, are surrounded by these big tall light towers. When it comes to having a match, the stadiums are all well lit, with cameras capturing every second of the player shooting the ball into the goal post. Light is crucial in this matter as players of the sports need to see what and where they are performing their strategies. 

By having light towers, not only will it light the area for the players only, but it will also light up the whole entire venue. This is beneficial for both the spectators and players as the spectators can integrate the memorial scene of their team winning into their memories while the players are able to see the support that they get from their fans. 

Fairs and Local Events

Fairs and local events are mostly done at night. As you walk through the entrance, the first sight that will greet you is all these different types of lights, like fairy lights, stalls lights and even tower lights. The various colours and intensity of lights gives a warm and cheerful energy for you to be embedded into. By mounting these lights, you will create new memories that will warm your heart. 

Construction Sites 

As we all know, tower lights are usually used for construction sites. This is to provide such visibility for the workers to maneuver around and carry out their tasks. Generally speaking, the reason why they work at  night is due to the fact that it is to avoid traffic jams and other operations that are carried out during the day. 


As a summary, tower lights are not only used for building sites only. There are many other places where we can implement those lights and for a lot of occasions as well. Therefore, versatility of tower lights can be used everywhere and anywhere.