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Your Life with a Mechanical Watch

Buying a mechanical watch in Malaysia is not an easy job. Thus, once you get hold of your precious timepiece, you must learn how to care for it well. After all the evaluating and comparing, the watch is finally on your wrist. See to it that it remains in top shape. Below are
some of the most crucial watch care tips that you should never forget.

Winding the watch’s movement

All mechanical timepieces must be wound regularly. If you own an automatic self-winding
movement, you only need to wound it if you haven’t used it for quite a while. Hand-wound timepieces, on the other hand, should be wound every 1 to 3 days.

What if you have more than a single mechanical watch? Maintaining all of them would be quite a challenge. The solution?

Alternate them, so all of them get a bit of attention. Their wheels must be in motion and activated from time to time. See to it that their lubricant wouldn’t dry out.

Protection from enemies

A mechanical watch’s mortal enemies are dust, shock and moisture. If you are going swimming, take it off. You also need to protect it from shocks. Avoid dropping it on the floor, and playing different sports while wearing it. This valuable accessory hate abrupt and sudden movements.

Even riding a motorcycle or bike is not really ideal. Repeated vibrations and trembling wouldn’t do any good.

The local, reputable watchmaker is your best friend

To make sure that your watch is healthy and functioning well, you need to have it serviced very 5 years or so. This is to ensure that its wheels and mechanisms are clean and well-lubricated.

However, it’s also true that there are some timepieces that haven’t been serviced for many decades, but still work really well.

Having your timepiece checked before it experiences problems is the most effective way to ensure its longevity. If you think it’s not functioning well, have it repaired as soon as possible.

Don’t try to solve the issue all by yourself. Trust me, you will do more damage than good.

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Watch Buying 101: Choosing the Best Watch for You

At this day and age, fewer and fewer people are using wrist watches to check the time. We are now more reliant on our smartphones and tablets. While made for a specific aspect, men’s watches are now regarded as a statement piece and status symbol for any type of outfit.

Timepieces are now considered as a luxury pieces.

Are you thinking of getting a new wrist watch? There are a lot of men’s watches in Malaysia, so
it’s normal for watch shopping to be overwhelming and stressful. But, no matter what your profession or hobby is, there is a watch for you.

1. A smart watch for the pointdexter

The smart watch is one of the newest innovations in the watch industry. This type of watch is so far from the traditional wrist watch, but it comes with a range of features that you can find useful in your day-to-day routine. Clearly, it does so much more than tell time. It is designed to be an extension of one’s mobile phone.

If you are always on the go, and would enjoy having a hands-free device while driving, splurge on a high-quality gizmo.

2. A steel watch for the businessman

If you want to be respected in your field and in the corporate setting, get a classy steel watch.

You can boss the conference room with a sophisticated stainless-steel watch that shines luminously with your business suit. Do you know that steel watches are icons of economic successes? It represents industry, stability and strength.

3. A designer watch for the stylist

Moving to the trendier aspect of the watch designs, add some flair in any outfit by wearing a
designer watch with a leather strap. If you love social gatherings, such as parties and other celebrations, don’t hesitate to buy one. From formal events to smart casual occasions, this timepiece would give you an impeccable vibe.

4. A sports watch for the explorer

Do you love the outdoors? If you love sports activities, there is no doubt that the sports watch is the number one timepiece you must have. Distance yourself from the traditional vibe, and make the most out of this type of watch. It’s time to trade the traditional dial for a trendy digital face.

Developed for tough physical activities, it features quality synthetic materials, and is the perfect
companion for an adventurer.

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Why Watches Are Important

Are you using a smartphone? I am pretty sure that you are. In fact, you’re probably using one to access and read this article. Even though they have indeed become one of the best things that we can use every day, I would still argue that it is not the best device if you want to track time.

Sure, it does tell time, but a watch handles that with so much flair. In fact, I do not even use my smartphone for that; I use my casual watch and a host of other watches that I own.

As a watch collector, I might be construed as someone who is biased, especially when I say that a watch is more than just an accessory that tells the time.

In today’s article, I hope to increase your appreciation for wristwatches by telling you their importance, not only as a timepiece, but how it can help make memories as well.

It is a Nice Accessory Piece

Women have the luxury of just wearing a whole lot of different accessories and that is great. It helps compliment their looks. However, men only have a few different accessories that they can wear that are socially acceptable and I think that you know what the theme of this article is: Watches.

A watch can instantly add style points no matter what you wear. So long as you are wearing the right timepiece, you are always going to catch the attention of the ladies.

For instance, it is quite flattering for a man in full business attire to be wearing a mechanical watch with a metal strap than someone who is in the same outfit without the said timepiece.

They Can Stand the Test of Time

Aside from adding some style points, watches are amazing because of the fact that it
can stand the test of time. My grandfather actually gave his Patek Philippe watch to my dad and he is still wearing the same watch to this day.

Of course, that would also mean that you have to take care of the watch but what I am saying is that with the proper maintenance, you can certainly give it to the next generation if you wish.

Different Types to Suit Different Tastes

One thing that I really love about watches is that there is a different one that will suit your tastes. I, for one, have a fondness for sports watches due to my active lifestyle. I also love the fact that I can wear a more casual watch and wear it with confidence as well.

Whether you buy an inexpensive Quartz watch or you buy one of those luxury watches with its own unique watch movement, it is actually your choice.

It Helps Create Memories

One last thing that I would like to say about watches is that they help you create memories. It can help tell you the exact time you met with your partner. It can help you know the exact date of your important events and it can certainly help you be on time with your children’s important life events as well.

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