Considered as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, Melaka has a rich history of colonization and independence. Sure, there are a lot of places that you can go to if you want to learn more about the city’s history, but it is also teeming with a lot of different
things that you can do to have fun and excitement.

The nightlife scene in the city is quite energizing simply because the city gets even more energetic in the evening.

You can find plenty of different pubs, clubs, discos, and restaurants where all of the fun people and girl escorts hang out.

In this article, I will go over some of the fun things to do in Melaka at night.

Alto Sky Lounge

If you want to enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city while you sip some delicious
cocktails, then look no further than the Alto Sky Lounge.

Located on the 22 nd floor of Hatten Hotel in Melaka, this is one of the best places to
spend the night here in this amazing city.

Although it doesn’t offer anything substantial when it comes to food, they do have the
finest wines and specialty cocktails that you definitely must try for yourself.

If you are planning to host a cocktail party, then you’d definitely want to conduct it here.

I promise, you won’t regret it!

Mixx Club

The Mixx Club is well-renowned here in Melaka and that is due to the fact that it is one of the biggest and most luxurious nightclubs in the metro. Established back in 2011, this place has been the go-to party venue for the nocturnal crowd.

Just like any other great nightclubs in the world, the Mixx Club has a warehouse-type interior that is filled with some lively neon lights and some amazing art painted on its walls.

This club has two sections- one of which plays live bands and the other is for people who want to party.

Libar Cocktail House

Do you fancy some amazing cocktails? If that is what you want, then I recommend that you go to Libar Cocktail House. This place has a reputation for serving the best alcohol concoctions in Melaka.

Arena Club

One of the unique nightclubs in the city, the Arena Club has a huge glass wall and a stage that is reserved for major live performances and guest DJs.

A lot of people frequently go here because of the amazing ambiance, dancing light beams, colorful wall patterns that all work in unison to bring you to a party mood.

Most of the music that is being played here include house music, R&B, Hip Hop, and some live band performances occasionally.

Reggae on the River

If you want a tamer yet still a fun experience, go to Reggae on the River. Situated just beside the Melaka River, you will find a vast array of alcohol drinks that you will surely love.

The dimmer lights and peaceful river make this place quite an amazing one if you just want to chill, relax, and have a fun time with your friends.