1. Online Freelance Writing

Writing is low-cost, easy and fast. If you have a way with words, this is one of the best home-based businesses for you. This covers other areas such as authorship, blogging, content marketing and article writing. Enjoy writing, and then sell your work through your blog. You can also create ebooks.

2. Transcription Business

Can you write quickly and accurately? Try exploring the transcription virtual support business. Just like any other home-based business, this one appreciated well by people because of its flexibility and convenience. It doesn’t matter what time you work on it, as long as you can deliver the transcript on time.

3. Blogging Business

Are you looking for awesome affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia? Well, the success of your affiliate marketing business would depend on how successful your blog is. The blogging business depends highly on the quality and consistency of your content, the traffic it gets, the marketing strategy you are implementing, and blog maintenance.

4. eBay Business

eBay never gets old. Until now, more and more products are being sold on this amazing platform. eBay is all about targeting the right audience. Give them what they want. You can start your eBay strategy by looking around your home, and looking for personal items you no longer need.