An interior designer comes up with creative solutions to solve his clients’ problems. That
means that anyone who goes up to a designer will have their home makeover problems
be solved through creativity and ingenuity.

That being said, there are numerous approaches that a designer can use to make
things happen. I really love the way Patrick Sutton does his work since he is mostly
concerned with storytelling more than other designers out there.
So today, I am giving away some tips that will ensure that your home will never go out
of style.

What is Your Story?
When guests arrive at your home, what story do you want to tell them? Well, interior
design is actually part storytelling as the things that you do inside your home will
somehow affect your guests in a more profound way.

Sutton usually asks his clients what their story is so that he can create a theme based
on the accounts of his customers.

What Are Your Needs?

Interior designers should focus on asking questions that will let them know their clients
at a deeper level. Think about their psychology and their preferences so that you can
come up with solutions that will help meet your client’s needs.

For instance, what inspires you? What are the things that you need? What is your
personality? These questions can help an interior designer know exactly what needs to be done.

Use Personal Objects

If you have things that you want to put up as part of the design of your house, it is
important that you tell this to the designer so that they will know what to do.

You see, you just cannot put things up just because you want to do them on your own. It
has to be coherent with the style or theme that you chose.

Fortunately, your ideas will come to fruition if you just collaborate with an interior
designer and tell them what you want to happen.

Mix the Best of Both Worlds

According to Sutton, it is the interior designer’s job to encourage his or her clients to
make use of both traditional and modern pieces.

Think about the furnishings, artwork, paintings, drapes, curtains, floors, carpets, and just
about anything that can be placed inside a home.

What I am trying to say is that you have to be open to the idea of marrying both the
classic with the modern.

Invest in the Right Materials

Always buy durable materials that still look stylish that will surely stand the test of time.
You do not want to be investing your money on things that will look old or get broken
after a couple of years, right?

Some of Sutton’s recommendations include cerused woods, honed marble, brushed
limestone floors, and even unlacquered brass, among others.

Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Style

Even if you can draw some inspiration from some interior designs that you saw from
magazines or on the internet, it is still best that you come up with your own.
Sutton says that interior design is actually quite a personal process and copying others’
work may turn your home into a generic one.

Confer with an interior designer and tell them your story. Then, they can come up with
suitable solutions for you.