What is the Use of the Joker Card in the Game of Poker?

As the title of the article implies, what is the typical use of a joker card in the game of poker? Well, as you probably know by now, there are plenty of different variations of poker out there and each of them has their own set of different rules.

That being said, a joker card can typically have two functions. It can either function as a wild card or it can also be used as a means to represent two jacks.

Today, I will delve deeper into the topic so that you will understand how Joker cards work and so that you can use it the next time you play in an online casino in Malaysia.

When the Joker is Used as a Wild Card

In poker games that allow the use of Joker cards, the player has the option to use it as a wild card. This means that whenever the player is dealt a Joker card, they can use it to represent any card in the deck. This presents an additional depth of play and makes the game more interesting.

It is important for the player to note that wild cards are not typically played in tournaments and formal casino poker games. You will only see them being used in either the video versions of the game, as well as those that are played in the house.

There are some video poker machines that will only use the standard 52-card deck, but there are also some that would make use of a Joker as a wild card as well. If the machine hast this game mechanic, the odds and payouts are also adjusted to account for the change in the game.

There are also some instances where the Joker Might be used in Extra play or additional wheel spins- giving the player the chance to win additional prizes and bonuses as well.


The Joker card was introduced to the standard card decks around the time of the American Civil War. It was originally used as a trump card in the game of Euchre.

Then, in 1875, the game of poker incorporated the use of the Joker Card and deemed it as a wild card. Since then, it has become a mainstay in informal poker games.

Pair of Jacks

The term “Joker” is also used as a slang term that denotes a pair of Jacks in a game of Texas Hold’Em. If a player has a pair of Jack cards in the hole, then they would be deemed as having jokers.

Other terms being used to denote a Joker would be fishhooks or hooks. It got its moniker simply because a fish hook kind of looks like the capital letter “J”.

To reiterate, Joker cards are not used in more formal casino games and tournaments, but can be used in home games and even some video poker machines. It adds another layer to the game and makes it pretty interesting, to say the least.

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Baby Gear Checklist for Your Newborn

There are some essential things that parents would need to buy for their baby. But, with a plethora of different options such as baby clothes, the type of car seat, and what have you, they will usually be confronted with a situation where they have to choose to save money.

That being said, in order for you to maximize your spending potential while also ensuring that your baby’s needs are met, I’ve compiled a brief checklist of essential baby gears that you need to buy for your newborn.


Your baby gets dirty really quick. Their bodies are quite small and their organs haven’t been fully developed yet that they are unable to control their urges to pee or poop. Still, you have to ensure that they are safe and that you are going to have to change their clothing a couple of times a day.

Even though babies do not require everyday bathing, it is still important that you get the right things for them. Here are just some of the baby essentials specifically for changing and bathing:

  • Change Table
  • Baby Wipes
  • Change Mat (to help prevent your babies from falling over)
  • Sorbolene Cream (useful for babies who seemingly have drier skin than others)
  • Cotton Wool
  • Shampoo (get the tear-free formula that is best for babies)
  • Hairbrush (with gentle bristles)
  • Bath Towel
  • Baby Bathtub
  • Bath Seat (if you want to put your baby in a sitting position)
  • Nail Clippers
  • Face Cloth


The interesting thing about human beings is that we sleep a third of our lives and this can include your babies as well. In fact, because babies’ bodies are still developing, they would require a couple of hours of sleep more than their adult counterparts.

That being said, here are the essential things that you need to get to ensure that your baby gets a nice sleep:

  • Crib
  • Bassinet (that complies with the latest safety standards)
  • Crib/Bassinet Mattress
  • Cot
  • Cot Mattress
  • Cot Beddings
  • Baby Monitor (get one with long-range frequency support so that you can monitor your baby wherever you are in the house)
  • Night Light

Strolling/ Leaving the House

It is best that you take out your baby for some sunshine and so that they can experience how it feels like strolling around the neighborhood. Here are the things that you need to get for your baby to protect them while they’re out:

  • Stroller or Pram (get one with the latest safety standards)
  • Rain Cover
  • Baby Sunglasses
  • Car Seat (buy one with the latest safety standards)
  • Sling
  • Nappy Bag
  • Travel Cot


Of course, your baby will require some special feeding materials. Here are just some of the essentials:

  • Breast Pump (if you want to feed your baby with breastmilk)
  • Baby Milk Bottle
  • Bottle Sterilizer
  • Breast Pads
  • Teats
  • Feeding Pillow
  • Baby Formula (if you want more convenience than feeding them breastmilk)


If you are buying baby’s clothes, I suggest that you opt for organic clothing to ensure that it won’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Here are just some that you should get:

  • Onesies
  • Bodysuits
  • Singlets
  • Beanie
  • Sunhat
  • Grow Suits
  • Socks or Booties
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7 Little Known Things About Accounting Services

Accounting Services in Malaysia are plenty and even if the notion is not entirely new (because it dates back at the time of the Romans), there is still a lot of misunderstandings and preconceived notions about accounting and its associated services.

So in this article, I am trying to clear some things out. Here are the things that you know little about accounting services:

Not All Accounting Services Are the Same

When you go to an accounting firm, the services that they provide might not be better than other firms. For instance, one firm might delve deeper on tax services and some would provide financial consultancy services.

If you are going to look for an accounting firm to get some of their services, you have to do your prior research so as to not waste your time.

Outsourced Accounting Services Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It’s Taken Overseas

A lot of business owners do not get the services of accounting firms who are known to “outsource” their services. But, you do not have to worry about anything.

While it is true that the term refers to getting services from offices that are not with the one you’re transacting with, this doesn’t mean that it refers to accounting services that are acquired overseas.

If anything, the operations are still in the same country, albeit managed in a different place. So, do not worry about your business data getting stolen or anything of the sort.

Always Have a Backup Plan

So, you’ve hired an accountant and they’ve done a remarkable job handling bookkeeping and tax services for your company. That is great and all, but what if a tragedy befalls them and they will need to resign abruptly, what happens then?

That is why in business, you always have to have a backup plan. Either, you hire two accountants for your company or you have one on-call at the ready whenever something like the aforementioned circumstance pops up.

Get One that is Certified

There are accountants that are really skilled but they do not have the certifications nor the prestige to go along with their work experience.

If you are running a business, then you need to hire accountants that, at least have, a certificate. That is so that you are ensured that they are guided by the principles set by the GAAP and that you are assured that they make little to no mistakes when creating your company’s financial statements.

Bookkeepers, Controllers, and Tax Accounts Have Different Roles

You might get an accountant that is well-rounded to provide different accounting services for your company. That is why most business owners immediately think that the accountant’s roles are one and the same, but that is actually not true.

Although there are some accountants that provide a full range of services- this doesn’t necessarily mean that they specialize in them.
For instance, some accountants know how to file taxes and do it in a great way, while others are pretty confident in their bookkeeping abilities.

These roles- albeit under the same umbrella of accounting- aren’t the same.

Cloud Accounting Platforms Are Now Reliable

Typically, accounting software programs are installed in the company’s computers to do the necessary accounting tasks. However, that proves to be limited in what they can do and they also have this limitation that if the local server fails- all of the data could be in jeopardy.

Clouding Accounting Platforms have been established to address certain issues such as the one I’ve mentioned above. They have come a long way and they are now very reliable and should be considered by any business owner out there.

Accounting Services Are Shifting from Hourly Rates

To help protect both the company and the accounting service provider, most business owners are now ditching the hourly rate in favor of a more robust monthly fixed rate.

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Social Media

How to Reach the Social Media Goals of Your Business

1. Set your goals and objectives.

Your social media goals work hand in hand with your social media objects. They are similar, but not exactly the same. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are managing. Knowing your business’ objectives can make a huge difference on your strategy.

2. Set your SMART social media goals.

In order to achieve your social media goals, you need to follow a specific framework. Are you familiar with the SMART goal-setting method? If not yet, feel free to hire a social media consultant in Malaysia, or wherever you are in the world. This person must be able to help you follow this proven framework without any problem.

Specific – Your goal must be well-defined and clear.
Measurable – Measure and monitor your goal.
Achievable – Check if your goal is too far-fetched, or easy to achieve.
Realistic – The goal should be realistic and practical, depending on the resources that you have.
Time Sensitive – Your goal must have a clear time frame.

3. Implement a comprehensive social media audit.

Establish all your baseline targets. If you fail to do this, your social media marketing plan would prove to be ineffective and weak. Through the implementation of a social media audit, you will get to determine your baseline targets, and at the same time ensure that every goal is laser-targeted.

4. Set social media OKRs.

OKR is short for “Objectives and Key Results.” This adds further depth to all your goals. These are individual objectives focusing on the key results.

5. Create a social media content strategy.

To meet all of your social media goals, it’s crucial to impress your Facebook fans and Instagram followers. Give them the content that they want. Of course, if your posts are not useful and helpful to them, you wouldn’t get the type of traction you need.

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Web Hosting

Kinds of Storage in Hosting: SSD, HDD and SSHD

In order to address data storage, you need to work with the best website hosting companies. More and more businesses are becoming data driven, and the result? Storage demand is also growing rapidly. Since many of your important data is transferred to a cloud, you need to pick the right kind of storage services. This is challenging thing to do, but choosing the most effective solutions is crucial for your long-term success.

Take a closer look at the 3 most relevant kinds of storage in the web hosting business.

1. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

SAS is the improved version of SCSI, replacing the much older Parallel SCSI. Since SAS transfers data. a lot faster compared to SATA, this means that it is a lot faster and more reliable. However, it can’t surpass SSD’s superiority. When it comes to costs, SAS is more expensive than SATA though a cheaper than SSD.

2. Solid State Drive (SSD)

SSDs, utilize non-volatile NAND flash memory. This means that there are no magnetic or mechanical parts involved in the operation and construction. The absence of moving parts gives the SSDs the advantage when it comes to overall performance. Compared to SAS, they offer much quicker access, yet also able to write and read at faster rates.

SSD is the most expensive option, but its good performance justifies the entire cost.

3. Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

This is considered as Parallel AT Attachment’s evolution, and succeeded it by delivering many advantages. These advantages include reduced cost and cable size, quicker data transfer through much higher signaling rates, and more effective data transfer through I/O queuing protocol.

There really is little physical difference between SATA and SAS, and constant performance is similar. SATA is the cheaper choice, though.

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Stem Cells: Revamping The Missing Muscle

Last April 2014, the researchers have refined a technique for recovering a lot of muscle lost after damage using these materials from pig bladders. They embedded extracellular network, bared of cells, from the covering of pig bladders, first into mice and in the end into 5 male patients.

The male patients

all had horrendous muscle wounds sufficiently extensive to be delegated volumetric muscle loss. Some of the researchers are examining how to use the stem cells or begetter muscle cells to repair the muscle wounds, how to produce little volumes of cells, which are all not yet almost sufficiently extensive to supplant the tissue lost in volumetric muscle loss. Their endeavors have been hindered by immunogenic host responses to the stem cells, inefficient use of methods for delivery and cell deaths after transplantation.

The pig bladder lining has been utilizing in human reconstructive medical procedures or surgeries. Usually, they used as a latent strong material in repairing of herniated stomach walls, reconstructing the breasts, and others. The group expelled every oz of the cells from the bladder lining, deserting just an extracellular protein matrix. They also noticed that the most immunogenic molecules are a piece of cell films and by evacuating all the cell material the danger of rejection decreased.

The scientists

estimated that the extracellular matrix degrade after some time within the body, it releasing proteins that pull in muscle-building machinery that includes perivascular stem cells. It gives the idea of the extracellular matrix that initiates a positive immune response. They also had recently demonstrated that absence of unthinking weight on the medical procedure site prompts less muscle recovery.

The specialists are now proceeding to perform the case studies of patients with volumetric muscle loss and attempting to understanding the cell systems behind this procedure.

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